The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Brand Aesthetic

Marketers are operating in a design-driven environment. Here’s how to create a winning brand aesthetic.

The businessman is working on brand ideas at the desk

In today’s mobile and social world, customers have more brand touch points with your company than ever before. They’re seeing your logo, website, company e-mails, social accounts, and more—sometimes several times a day. As a result, your brand’s visuals play a strong role in shaping customer opinions of your brand.

Dial in on the vibe: Aesthetics are about more than just your logo and color palette. Those are part of the picture, but your brand’s overall aesthetic is the larger sum total of different elements of the customer experience. It also includes your team’s attitude, the style of layout you use on your marketing materials, and even the types of in-person experiences or events that you create. If you had to boil down the feeling of your brand, how would you encapsulate it? What “vibe” does your brand give off to customers? Think about ways to reflect your goals and presence in easy-to-convey language. Some examples might include:

  • Elegant, minimalist, refined
  • Colorful and funky, with an informal flare
  • A high-touch, high-end experience that speaks of luxury

Lean into the power of UX: Your user experience is a critical part of your overall aesthetic. Today, the UX of your website, apps, and digital experience mediates an important percentage of your customer’s experience. Think about ways to translate your larger visual objectives into your digital properties. For example, look at your design and layout. Does the experience you’re currently offering digitally align, or can you take steps to improve your UX? For many brands, spending time on improving the user experience can pay dividends across the board and further infuse your aesthetic into every part of the customer experience.

Engage in visual storytelling: Another way to subtly convey your brand’s larger message is through visual storytelling. The images, infographics, and videos you use are powerful communicators. If your brand is trying to cultivate an aesthetic, consider looking critically at this element of your marketing communications. To have an even larger impact, consider creating visual branding guidelines that speak to your aesthetic and distributing them to every department that’s involved in designing or creating marketing materials.

There are many levels to a brand aesthetic that fall outside the realms of traditional branding. In a highly design- and visually oriented market, it’s important to think about and find new ways to stand out. Committing to defining and building your aesthetic is one way to connect with customers and differentiate your brand from the competition.