The Top 5 Call-to-Action Designs for Your Company

Designing a customer journey is a challenging task that every business must go through in order to establish a customer base. There are three main factors that build a customer journey: design, copy, and call to action (CTA).

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The design of your e-mails, banners, posters, logo, and product acts as an attention-grabber. However, without carefully planned sentences and meticulous selection of words, they won’t add any experience or impression to customers. And that’s where copywriting fits in.

The third and arguably crucial part in the conversion process is the CTA.

What Are CTAs?

CTAs are the final stop that your audience members make before they decide to buy a product. Having a strong CTA means you’re one step closer to a higher conversion rate for your company. Bigger revenue! Yay!

You may not be fully aware of it, but chances are you might have been influenced by CTA almost every day. Remember that time you signed up for a Google Drive account? Or when you installed Evernote for the first time?

You thought, “Hey, I should use this app!”

That’s because you had been carefully guided through a journey that eventually lead to your thinking exactly that by the brilliant team from that company. You need a CTA that can convince interested visitors to become potential clients or subscribers.

What do you need for that? Let’s break it down.

Optimized Copy

The words in your CTA are just as important as the design. You need to relate your CTA to everything that you’ve mentioned before, e.g., “Boost My Conversion,” if your product is a conversion-boosting tool.

If your company sells a software as a service, naturally you need people to sign up. Make sure that they only need to take a few simple steps to do so, e.g., “Sign Up with Google” or “Set Up Your Profile in 1 Minute.”

These are several other pointers for copywriting your CTA:

  • Be direct in saying what you want your audience to do.
  • Use actionable sentences, such as “Download Your FREE E-Book.”
  • Induce a sense of urgency, e.g., “Buy now for 30% off!”

A/B Testing CTA for the Best Conversion

There are two elements that you can A/B test in your CTA: design and copy. In order to get the best design/copy combination, you need to spend some time conducting A/B tests. That said, prepare several different variations of both the copy and the design for your CTA.

Laying out the components for your CTA in the best positions will critically improve its conversion rate. We have included an infographic from Breadnbeyond at the bottom of this post that contains the five most used CTA designs on the Internet. There are millions if not billions of CTAs online—but they all essentially stem from these designs. The infographic contains an explanation and breakdown of how each CTA design works.

This infographic from Breadnbeyond highlights five of the most popularly used landing page and CTA designs on the Internet. It breaks down each landing page design and explains how each element plays a role in convincing visitors to be more interested.