The Importance of Color in Branding

Color is a powerful tool in branding and design. At the first glimpse of your corporate logo, consumers react emotionally to the color treatment. According to the infographic below via Creative Bloq, it is estimate that brand recognition increases up to 80% with color.

When a consumer sees your brand, what do you want them to feel? What do you want them to associate with your company? Is it passion and excitement, like the red used by Coca-Cola, Target, and Netflix? Up to 30% of the top brands use red. But more popular still is blue, conveying integrity, trust, and communication. Approximately 35% of top brands use blue. It is also commonly seen in technology brands and social networks, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Consider your company, products, and target audience carefully when branding or going through any re-brand process.

Branding Infographic