The 4 Most Common Video Marketing Errors

If you’re diving into video marketing, avoid these major mistakes in order to be successful.

Source: boonyoo / iStock / Getty

Video marketing is something every company is capable of doing well. It doesn’t require a ton of time, a ton of resources, or a ton of expertise. It just requires a willingness to try things out and see what works. But that’s not to say it’s easy. Here are four common video marketing errors that you need to avoid in 2020.

Not Properly Branding Your Content

You want your videos to serve a purpose. If someone watches your video but can’t recall the name of your company, your marketing effort failed. Make sure to either implement a logo or your company name in order to keep your video branded and help in stay in the front of people’s minds. Witty videos are terrific, but if nobody can remember who made the video, they’re not going to convert into customers. Your goal isn’t to go viral, it’s to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Going On and On and On

Statistics show that people are going to click away from your video—quickly. In fact, you really only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Save lengthy bits of information for podcasts or e-books, not videos. If you have vital information that needs to be shared, make sure to share it within the first twenty seconds or so. The more people click away from your video, the less YouTube or Facebook are going to prioritize it.

Relying on Instant Results

Video marketing is a long game. You’re not just creating videos for sales today, you’re hoping that they’ll lead to sales down the road, as well. That means you want to make your videos as evergreen as possible. If you’re banking on going viral, you shouldn’t be—it’s incredibly difficult to predict what’s going to be widely shared and isn’t a very reliable business strategy. Instead, focus on creating a nice long backlog of helpful videos. Then, they’ll serve as marketing materials well into the future.

Forgetting a Clear Call to Action

People watching your YouTube videos doesn’t translate into people buying your products or services. You want to use your videos as a way to get those customers into your more immediate community, like your Facebook group or newsletter community. Make sure you’re ending each and every video with a call to action. It can be as direct as asking people to buy a product or as simple as reminding them where they can sign up your e-mail list.