Targeting Technology is Becoming More Sophisticated: What Marketers Need to Know

Targeting technology is becoming more sophisticated across platforms. Major social media providers and search engines are implementing a wider range of targeting options that are letting marketers more efficiently target their campaigns to specific customer audiences. Here’s what marketers need to know about the different kinds of targeting available in marketing campaigns.

Demographics: One of the most common ways marketers understand their audiences is through demographics. These include factors such as age, gender, income, marital status, and more. Today, most platforms offer some level of demographic targeting and many will let you customize criteria with multiple demographic selections in mind.

Location: With the development of more advanced technology, location-based targeting is becoming big business. Platforms are increasingly making it possible to target customers by location. This includes not only selecting individuals who may live in a town or region, but geotargeting technology can be used to target prospects who are physically in a specific location, such as within a mall.

Interest-based targeting: Many platforms invite their members to select details about their interests, from their hobbies to which music groups they follow and what books they like to read. This helps the platform develop a richer understanding of who the users are and to more specifically target information and advertising to their interests. For example, if a person identifies as a regular reader, he or she will be shown advertisements related to e-readers and the publishing industry. Meanwhile, sports fans will see advertising related to football, golf, or whatever sports they are interested in.

Behavioral targeting: As platforms gather more information about engagement and other user behaviors, they are also introducing a layer of behavioral targeting. For example, if users interact with content or clicks on posts related to fitness, they will be shown advertising connected to diet and exercise. Behaviors can reveal information regarding what users are thinking about in the moment, even if it’s not something they would self-identify as part of their profile information.

By leveraging the full range of analytics targeting capabilities, today’s marketers can ensure their advertising campaigns and other content connect with their very specific target audiences. Whether you want to market to high income retirees who spend heavily on vacations, or moms in Nebraska looking for kid-friendly activities, today’s increasingly sophisticated targeting technologies make it possible to do so in just a few clicks, ensuring a high ROI on marketing campaigns.