Taking Your Influencer Strategy to the Next Level

Help your influencer partnership stand out from the crowd.

Source: runeer / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty

Partnering with social media influencers is a great way to get the word out about your product or service. Influencers have networks that already trust them, making the sale that much easier, and it’s often a cost-efficient way of reaching a wide audience. But how can you stand out from a sea of influencer/business partnerships?

Your tribe of influencers doesn’t have to be a simple financial transaction. It can be a real relationship that fosters trust both ways and helps your brand grow exponentially. Here are a few ways to take your influencer strategy to the next level. If you’re looking to create a long-lasting partnership with an influencer, not just a few branded Instagram posts, keep reading.

  • Help your influencers foster a community with one another. Do you have a small network of social media influencers? Organize an in-person event or meetup where they can get together, share social media tips, and document it all digitally. Or invite them to a tradeshow or conference you’ll be attending. At the very least, help them connect with one another. When influencers are able to meet up, they’ll associate your brand with a sense of community and belonging, making them fall more in love with it. And the more they like you, the more they’ll share about you.
  • Reward your influencers regularly. Do you have an influencer who went above and beyond? Maybe in addition to a fantastic Instagram post, he or she did an in-depth story about why he or she loves your product. Reward this person by sending him or her a little extra, or even a gift card. By spontaneously rewarding your influencers, you’ll show how grateful you are for them and motivate them to keep up the good work. Even something as small as handwritten Christmas cards can go a long way. You want to remind them that you aren’t just a paycheck, you’re a partnership.
  • Create a newsletter that’s specifically for your influencers. It can give them ideas of what to post, like what events you have coming up or any big sales on the horizon. You can also have a spot where you highlight one influencer who has been doing a great job lately. It’s a solid way to not only give information but help build up that “community” feel. If you don’t want to go the newsletter route, you can still create a digital hub like a Facebook group, Slack channel, or even an Instagram hashtag.