Social Media Management Tools

The growing popularity of social media marketing has resulted in so many useful tools that help the marketers who use them to be more efficient. Here are some of the most popular, not to mention affordable, social media management tools.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media tools on the market, and for good reason. It has both free and paid versions, depending on your needs and the number of social media accounts you manage. Hootsuite makes it easy to schedule posts to (almost) any social network, including Instagram! They also offer a certification program and other training resources with paid plans that are useful for those that are new to social media marketing.


Buffer seems to be billed as Hootsuite’s competitor, but there are several unique factors that set it apart as something completely different. For example, Buffer supports Pinterest scheduling—Hootsuite currently does not. Buffer also autopopulates headlines and photos when you use their browser button. Buffer also makes it easy to add content to a queue and post at specific times or randomize content if timing isn’t important.


Edgar is very similar to Buffer in that you create a content queue. What makes it stand out is the ability to create different categories to post from. It also seamlessly recycles content—great for evergreen posts!


If This Than That (IFTTT) is a tool that’s not specifically for social media management but has several practical applications. IFTTT creates “recipes” for automating tasks. A couple favorites:


These are just a few examples—there are so many useful recipes on IFTTT, so take some time to look through their offerings.


If you’ve followed accounts on Twitter and Instagram and want to keep track of who isn’t following you back or who recently unfollowed you, Statusbrew is a great tool for finding this data and acting on it.


BoardBooster is a popular program for scheduling pins. It allows you to schedule them to your own boards, as well as group boards, for maximum exposure. It’s a preferred tool for bloggers but has many practical applications for businesses.


Mention is a great tool for tracking a specific name, business, or brand. People don’t always share on social media by tagging the content creator, but sometimes they’ll type out the name. This tool will help you see and recognize those posts!


BuzzSumo is a tool for finding what content performs best for a specific topic, based on shares and backlinks. It’s also a great tool for finding influencers by industry. The free version offers basic functionality, but serious agencies and other stakeholders should consider paying extra for a monthly subscription to access additional features.

Some great social media management tools did not make this list simply because they’ve priced themselves out of inclusion for small- and medium-sized businesses. But if your company has the means, there are some very robust solutions that make sense if your social media efforts span multiple departments (like customer service, administration, etc.).

For a basic comparison of prices, including some of these social media management tools, check out’s guide.

In tomorrow’s Advisor, we’ll continue the conversation of useful social media tools, with a focus on tools that provide valuable analytics data.