How to Repurpose Your Content for Better Marketing Performance

The focus in content marketing is often on creating new content, yet repurposing existing content can help you gain significant traction.

Creating and publishing great new content is the cornerstone of strong content marketing. It keeps your information current, provides new insights to customers, and keeps you on the cutting edge of conversations in your space. At the same time, constantly generating new content is significant work, and you may already have terrific content that holds evergreen appeal. In those cases, updating your content can be a great way to build traction without losing momentum. Here are several ways to update your existing content for more traction.

Invest in high-performing content: In some cases, you’d predict it; in others, the content that captures people’s attention is a total surprise. Certain content on your website will perform very well, garnering a higher percentage of clicks, readers, or conversions than other content. By investing in high-performing content and updating it, you can take advantage of your existing successes. Adding in calls to action, updating more data, and beefing up the length are all strategies to get more done.

Update your stats: If your content references data, statistics, or numbers, it can quickly get out of date. For example, many surveys track the same information year over year. Content that quotes 2015 statistics can feel outdated. Consider evaluating your content to see what information is included and how updating that information can keep your content current.

Make it longer: We’re in a cycle where the length of content matters. Longer content is performing better in search engine algorithms. One way to leverage your content is to find high-value ways to make it longer. Add additional sections, expand your current argument, build out data, and more to get more done. Longer content only works if it’s high quality. But a few strategic changes can give new life to content.

Add in other formats: Emerging formats of content can mix well with existing content to bring more depth to what’s already on the page. Consider adding audio snippets, video, images, and infographics for a significant win. Adding in other formats can significantly expand your experience and delight visitors.

A thriving content marketing program relies on regular infusions of new content. But updating your existing content provides another avenue to expand your impact and continue reaching customers.