Print Is Back and Here’s How to Make Your Campaign So 2017

Are you thinking about adding more print into your media mix? Yesterday we discussed why many Millennials are more welcoming of print. However, remember print has retained a certain trust factor. Don’t blow print’s new appeal with hype and ruthless salesmanship. Here are a few tips:

Tell stories cross-platform: Blend your media well. Use digital for up-to-the-minute information and print for evergreen content. Also, remember the old days when we said, “For more information, go to our website”? That idea has flipped. With more people on digital, use the website as a gateway for print or a special offer that provides a more experiential element.

Use print for important messages: Because traditional print media is still more trusted, it’s the natural vehicle for important statements from your organization. Print statements cannot be manipulated, and they can easily be disseminated digitally after they’re published.

Remember the sense of touch: The brain responds strongly to things that can be touched. Use print to issue nicely bound journals, textured notecards, and other sensory items. Again, you should be extremely targeted in issuing these objects, as they can be costly. Yet, the experience delivered to the right audience can have enormous impact.

Think physical: Physical items can enhance the print experience. Consider small keepsakes, and with 3D printing, truly interesting items are possible.

Packages count:  Use highly targeted direct mail to send packages of items to the right audience. Remember, Millennials are accustomed to having everything from toothbrushes to plants delivered by Amazon, and they’re often delighted when they arrive. So why not offer a well-targeted mailed surprise?

Don’t waste: While print is showing signs of being in fashion, the historical wastefulness of direct mail is not. Millennials in particular are sensitive to the environmental disaster of wasting too much paper. And when launching a print campaign, don’t forget to use recycled materials.

Again, experiment with print. It’s the newest-oldest marketing tool around.