Could Mindfulness Help Your Marketing Team Accomplish More?

Today’s marketing teams are busy and stressed out. Here’s how mindfulness can help.

In a recent conversation with the head of a Fortune 500 marketing division, I asked the secret to successful team management. “Mindfulness,” said the director without missing a beat. He went on to say that he works with his team members to make sure they’re managing stress. People who are struggling are less productive, less happy, and less likely to stay with the company. He takes action by referring them to company resources, rebalancing workloads, and even recommending meditation apps. If you’re looking for creative ways to help your marketing team de-stress, here are a few strategies to get you started.

Embrace meditation: Numerous studies show that mindfulness and meditation are helping people beat stress. Meditation can be as simple as claiming a few minutes for yourself or as complicated as embarking on multiday retreats. Help your team get started by bringing in an instructor to teach the basics, setting aside space for mindfulness practices in the office, signing people up for subscriptions to an app, or sponsoring an ongoing class at the office.

Share best practices on mindfulness in the workplace: There are a host of new resources coming out each year on mindfulness at work. These include books, podcasts, blogs, and more. A creative strategy that helps your team get access to ideas and customize their practice is creating a newsletter or page on your intranet dedicated to wellness. Share seminal resources or recent reads to help people get interested and stay engaged.

Try different forms of movement: Yoga, tai chi, and other movement forms are known to help team members de-stress, as are regular visits to the gym. Marketing managers can explore making these activities more accessible by sponsoring on-site classes, providing team members with time to work out, or offering gym and yoga studio membership subsidies. Time and money are the biggest barriers for exercising regularly, so make it as easy as possible.

Bring nature into your daily schedule: Mindfulness is often about being outside in nature. Finding ways to take meetings outdoors, encourage people to go for a walk at lunch, and invite fresh air into your day can help make a significant difference. Many brands have even found that increasing natural light in the office, decorating with nature pictures, and fostering plant life in the office can improve stress levels.

Help your team get more done—-and reduce stress—by focusing on ways to bring mindfulness into the office. Relaxed and focused marketing teams stay calm under pressure, come up with creative ideas, and enjoy coming to work energized every day.