Make Expertise Central to Your 2020 Positioning

Showcasing your expertise plays an important role in capturing the interest of your prospects.

Source: SFI CRACHO / shutterstock

Today’s B2B buyers want to deal with experts who don’t waste their time and, instead, can quickly diagnose and solve their problems. As the Harvard Business Review notes, buyers don’t want to talk to sales—they want to talk consultants, technical experts, and people who can create significant value during their conversations. Here’s how to make sure you’re leading with your team and company’s individual expertise.

Invest in Strong Packaging

Great branding and packaging builds trust before a customer ever speaks with you. When a prospect asks for information and receives an unwieldy e-mail with multiple documents and attachments, it can be challenging to navigate—especially if they are on a mobile device. As Harvard Business Review research notes, buyers want sales experiences that are tailored to their needs.

Are you presenting marketing materials or sales pitches in sharp, branded packages? A professionally branded and packaged landing page shows that your company delivers at a world-class level and crafts content experiences with users in mind. For example, leverage a branded background image, a professional headshot of the point of contact, some biographical details, and easy ways to contact and share. Each element helps clearly explain what the company does and builds confidence in the company’s expert positioning.

Tailor Your Value Proposition

Another way to showcase your expertise is to tailor your value proposition for different audiences. For example, a company that delivers services that impact both marketing and IT need analytic and audience details for each of those sectors. Prospects often decide whether or not a company offers true value very quickly, before diving into the materials at hand.

Focus on showing you understand the reader’s problem—and then how you will solve the problem and benefit the reader or their company. Build in these high-impact, audience-focused messages early on. Not only does the information feel tailored and immediately relevant, but it also underscores the fact that you are knowledgeable in your space and a resource that should be trusted. These factors will help build trust and encourage prospects to spend time perusing your more in-depth content.

Highlight Carefully Chosen Content Resources

Whether you’re exploring your sales materials or building a marketing repository, content marketing will remain one of the most persuasive ways to showcase your expertise in the year ahead. Instead of a series of slides that can be difficult to flip through or relying on prospects to determine when they should play a video, for example, it’s possible to integrate different content assets to create a cohesive experience. By blending together different resources into a guided and interactive experience, it’s possible to use content to craft a narrative that underscores your organizations’ expertise.

In 2020, make sure your marketing and sales efforts build on strategies to underscore your expertise. Whether you’re dealing with sales consultants or positioning yourself as the go-to thought leader in a market, expertise-focused marketing goes a long way toward building trust.