An Introduction to Marketo: How It Can Help Your Business Grow

If you’re tuned in to the marketing technology world, you’ve probably heard of Marketo, a creator of software that assists in marketing automation. Marketo aims to help marketers create deeper, more engaged connections and relationships with people through the use of its software. It offers so many products and services—mobile, social, e-mail, account-based marketing, analytics, content distribution, and the list goes on. It offers services to companies and brands, regardless of size, and puts specific focus on the industries of technology, higher education, financial services, health care, manufacturing, and media.

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So what does that really mean for marketers? Basically, through technology and innovation, Marketo can help marketers reach their goals more efficiently and establish relationships with consumers who really matter. Take a look at some of the achievements Marketo can support. Today, we’re uncovering only the tip of the iceberg—and sharing more about two popular services: e-mail marketing and account-based marketing.

Create Complex E-Mail Marketing Campaigns with Ease

With a tool like Marketo, it will feel like you have an entire e-mail marketing department supporting your efforts. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a successful e-mail marketing strategy: building the list, creating the e-mails, making sure they are delivered, responding to e-mails, scheduling follow-ups, and the list goes on. Here are a few ways Marketo simplifies the process.

  • E-mail templates are easy to use, allowing marketers to input text and call it a day.
  • E-mails can be scheduled based on the activity of the customer. That means you can delete the spreadsheet you were working on with all the customers who have not taken any actions in the last 30 days and just schedule that automatic touch point through Marketo.
  • A/B test e-mails like you have an entire testing department behind you. Find what resonates, and collect best practices.
  • Do you send e-mails based on lead status? Save time by letting Marketo segment your audience for you.
  • Through easy-to-understand analytics, you recover some of your time that you would normally spend crunching numbers.

Achieve Alignment Between Business Development and Marketing Departments

Especially in larger companies, it can sometimes be difficult to find alignment between departments. Through account-based marketing programs, Marketo allows departments to prioritize accounts and drive revenue.

  • Marketo’s technology provides valuable information, such as what stage of the sales funnel each account is at, making decisions on who to pursue easier.
  • Every department can use the technology, making each department feel like an equal stakeholder in the business development process.

Overall, Marketo has a very large suite of products and services that are supported by technology and designed to develop connections between humans. You can explore Marketo’s website and find the solutions that are best for your business. By embracing and investing in technology, you’re investing in the growth of your business.