Infographic: What motivates Millennials in the workplace?

As Millennials now outnumber all other generations in the workforce, Michael C. Fina—a provider of global employee recognition and incentive programs—launched a new infographic. The infographic offers organizations insightful details about Millennials’ professional goals and interests.

“Most Millennials value work-life integration, personal relationships, and a sense of greater purpose over high salaries or corporate ladders,” said Cord Himelstein, vice president of marketing and communications of Michael C. Fina. “They are more likely to leave a job that’s disinteresting or inflexible, regardless of earnings. The manager of today must be hyper-aware of this.”

Michael C. Fina offers the following Millennial-related employee recognition insights based on the infographic:

  • Offer special projects that tap into the entrepreneurial spirit—66% of Millennials want to start their own business or freelance, while only 14% wish to climb the corporate ladder and become CEO.
  • Make face time a priority—51% of Millennials would rather communicate with a colleague in person.
  • Incorporate technology into your recognition strategy—25% of Millennials believe their relationship with technology defines their generation.

More insights are highlighted in the infographic below. For a larger view, click on the image.

What Millennials want from work