Could Influencer Marketing Help You Reach Baby Boomers?

Influencer marketing isn’t just for Millennials. Here’s why you need a strategy to connect with Baby Boomers.

Source: Zinkevych / iStock / Getty

Influencer marketing isn’t just a strategy to reach younger consumers. Baby Boomers are an important consumer force, and they’re part of the sweeping cultural trend of people growing more resistant to interruptive advertising. As a result, influencer marketing can be a good strategy to help you connect with older buyers, as well as build trust and brand visibility. Here are three ideas to keep in mind when crafting an influencer strategy that will put you front and center with Baby Boomers.

  1. Explore what your audience is looking for: Baby Boomers, like every audience demographic, have unique needs that are important to target. In many ways, Boomers are looking for the same things every customer is: pricing, quality, service, and differentiating factors. Yet, older customers may have special needs, such as a desire for open-ended technical support or concerns about accessibility because of declining vision or hearing. Take the time to think about what challenges and opportunities older customers might encounter using your products or services. Use this information when choosing influencers and shaping outreach campaigns to keep your marketing relevant and relatable.
  2. Focus on high-value content: Older consumers will often conduct significant research before making a major purchase. This can include reading media summaries, online reviews, and original content. Content marketing should be an important piece of your overall marketing strategy to reach this demographic and a core focus of your influencer marketing approach. Find Baby Boomer influencers who are willing to discuss your brand, products, and general category through videos, social media updates, blogs, and written articles. Content helps increase visibility and aids demanding buyers in discovering the information they need the most.
  3. Sweeten the deal with promotions: Influencer marketing also provides a great platform to share promotions and deals. Today’s Baby Boomers are savvy buyers. In addition, many are in retirement and living on limited incomes—or at least being very aware of their spending. Brands that provide a good deal, including those that target seniors with loyalty plans and unique discounts, will stand in good stead with aging populations.

Baby Boomers are an important target demographic for marketers. Don’t overlook them in your influencer marketing. Older consumers resonate with members of their own generation who can speak to their concerns and will be encouraged to know you’re a brand that values relationships with buyers of all ages.