Increase Your E-mail Productivity with 5 Apps for Gmail

Does your team use Gmail for Business? If so, there are a number of extensions you can use to help increase your productivity and give you robust mobile access.

Source: Peshkova / iStock / Getty

Whether you need to get more done or are looking for ways to control the noise while you get deep work done, these apps can help. Here are five apps to increase your e-mail productivity with Gmail.

Quiet for Gmail (SGarcia)

This useful digital tool ensures you get a healthy work-life balance. Essentially, the Quiet for Gmail app enables you to schedule when to automatically synchronize your Gmail account. This means you can choose not to receive e-mail notifications at night or on weekends, for example. The common sense approach of this app is easy to appreciate, and it can reduce the amount of stress brought in by a continuous stream of virtual notifications.

GNotes – Note, Notepad & Memo (Appest Inc.)

Through the free GNotes app, you can synchronize your hastily typed notes, to-do lists, and ideas with your Gmail account. Searchable and tagging-enabled, GNotes supports voice memos, images, and many types of content. It also gives you the option to activate “Lock” mode for enhanced security.

Widgets for Gmail (Katzoft)

Widgets for Gmail lends stylish organization to your home screen. It even lets you choose minimalist icons for oversized widgets that display the number of unread e-mail and SMS text messages and their respective previews. The most useful feature of the Widgets for Gmail app is its ability to aggregate all your various messages into a central “inbox” that has a shortcut route on your home screen.

Unread Badge for Gmail (EllevSoft)

A great alternative to Widgets for Gmail, Unread Badge for Gmail is a free Android app that gives you direct access to your unread e-mail messages right on your home screen. The one-click functionality saves you from the hassle of having to launch several windows before getting to your inbox. Unread Badge for Gmail is also useful if you actively use multiple Gmail accounts.

Group Share for Gmail (MadgettSoft)

This free app makes an excellent time saver each time you need to deploy messages or images to one of your Gmail contact groups. On your Android device, just choose the relevant contact group, and then tap “Share” to send the content for e-mailing to that specific group.

You can always make your Gmail account work double time on your mobile device. Just have the right suite of third-party apps that adds convenience and efficiency to your day-to-day e-mailing tasks.