How Will Portal Affect the Marketing Ecosystem?

Facebook’s latest technology venture is shaking things up.

Source: LazyLuck / shutterstock

There’s another smart speaker headed to living rooms—Portal, a product from Facebook. Portal allows users to do all the basics, like pulling up Spotify and making calls, with the addition of a video camera that can follow the movement of users to make video calls more life-like.

Although Facebook isn’t currently selling ads on Portal and you can’t browse your feed through the speaker, the device still has the potential to shake up the marketing world.

For starters, as voice technology continues to develop, marketers must take voice into account when developing their content creation strategy. For instance, blogposts that are titled as questions may have a higher chance of being found by search engines—think of how smart speaker users ask questions. Using those particular words may get more eyes on your content.

In a similar vein, you may want to consider a more cohesive video strategy. If users can ask their smart speaker how to do certain things, you can be pretty sure that Portal is eventually going to be pulling up how-to videos. Creating demonstrative video content could make your company easier to interact with on the device.

Think about your ability to chat with customers. Do you have a high-touch business? Avenues like life coaching or financial planning could benefit from video chats. Consider implementing that service into your model and using it as another avenue for clients to get in touch with you. Video chatting doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and you could potentially make your inbox quite a bit smaller if you were able to touch base quickly over video with clients.

Furthermore, although users can’t currently use Portal to browse Facebook, they can use Facebook Watch and Facebook Messenger. This makes it highly likely that usage of those two aspects of Facebook are going to increase. You may want to adapt your marketing strategy so that you’re able to communicate with customers through these avenues. How easy would it be if a client could ask Portal to shoot you a quick Facebook message?

Overall, it’s likely that smart speakers will continue to be developed. Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook may be the head of the pack, and there’s a chance other social platforms could create smart speakers as well. To stay top-of-mind in the ever-changing world of marketing technology, make sure smart speaker interaction is part of your marketing plan this year.