How to Utilize a Pop-Up Mindset with a Digital Business

A “temporary” feel can make for some permanent customers.

Source: RoseStudio / shutterstock

Right around the holidays, pop-up shops become more and more popular. Maybe it’s a cute craft stand selling Christmas gifts, a store that only sells Halloween goods, or a temporary collaboration between two beloved brands. Pop-Ups can be great solutions for businesses that want to see a spike in sales in Q4.

But what if you’re a digital business? Without a storefront, how can you utilize the rush of a pop-up mentality? You still can, and it can lead to growth for your business. Here are three ways to embrace pop-ups online.

Offer a Temporary Facebook Group

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is real, especially in the online world. Creating a Facebook group that people only have access to for a limited time encourages them to join, share, and be active in the community. For instance, if you sell handmade dolls, a pop-up group for moms who want to discuss ethical shopping can be a great way for your own products to get mentioned and for your customers to get to know one another, creating a “tribe” based around your product. Pop-up Facebook groups also allow you to sell to a specific group of people—essentially, a group that’s already very warmed.

Create Seasonal Products

Products that are only available for a certain period of time will give your company a pop-up feel. Maybe it’s an e-book you’re only offering in December, or some candles you’ve created that can only be purchased once or twice through your website. The idea of a limited quality will always make people more willing to buy—otherwise, they’re likely to shrug and convince themselves they’ll return later. Seasonal products encourage sales now, turning into guaranteed money in your company’s pocket and lowering the amount of abandoned carts you’re faced with.

Join Forces With Another Digital Brand

Is there another online brand whose work complements (not competes with!) yours? How can you join forces? For instance, if you sell pretty journals and another online business you know creates amazing pens, could the two of you join together for a limited-time bundle? Not only will this effort expand your audience, it will allow you to create a sense of urgency among your followers and encourage them to buy now. Similar to when a jewelry designer does a pop-up in a real live department store, this will give your audience the feel of in person shopping without the crowded parking lot of long lines!