How to Set Up Remarketing Campaigns

by Maddy Osman

In yesterday’s Advisor, we introduced the concept of remarketing and why it’s so important. In today’s Advisor, we’ll show you the basic steps to set up a remarketing campaign for your business on Facebook and Adroll.

Facebook and Adroll are two of the most popular retargeting platforms. The principles of setting up a remarketing campaign are more or less the same on both platforms. Here’s how to do it on Facebook:

How to Remarket on Facebook

  • Open up Ads Manager on Facebook.
  • Create a custom audience for your website (you can specify certain actions to target, like cart abandonment).
  • Copy and paste the remarketing pixel on the website’s backend system (it will be invisible to website visitors).
  • Add specific details by naming and describing your campaign and whether you want to remarket to specific website visitors (people who take certain actions) or all Web traffic in general.

The main difference between Facebook and Adroll is simply the platform in which the ads will show. Obviously Facebook remarketing will serve up ads while people are on Facebook, and Adroll remarketing will serve up ads on websites in their advertising network.

It’s worth noting, however, that you can use Adroll to remarket on Facebook as well.

The pixels you’re installing on your company’s website activate a cookie on the user’s browser that follows them for up to 1 month after their first interaction with your company’s website.

It’s worth mentioning that people can manually get rid of these cookies by clearing their browser history. Technologies like Adblock Plus are an additional roadblock for marketers even though they are in their infancy. For the most part, customers won’t try to fight remarketing efforts.

Since marketers don’t guess; they test; you should run a test to see how remarketing on Facebook and Adroll’s networks of websites compare to each other and which results in the best conversion rates.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few ideas for creating a remarketing ad:

  • A reminder featuring a product someone put in his or her cart, with a call to action to return and complete the purchase;
  • A special discount to activate a new customer; or
  • If you’re more of a B2B company, a reminder to download a white paper a person expressed an interest in (but hasn’t downloaded yet).

Happy Remarketing!