How to Make Your Goals More Measurable

In order to grow your numbers, you have to know your numbers.

Source: solarseven / iStock / Getty

Goal setting is one of the most important jobs of a marketer. But oftentimes, we skip right to the end goal: selling more products. While that’s obviously an important goal to have, it misses a lot of steps and makes our jobs much harder.

The problem is, if sales numbers are your only goal and you miss them, it’s hard to tell where you went wrong. Is there something wrong with your pitch? Are you not getting enough leads? Is the product priced too high? You suddenly have a large problem with no idea about how to solve it. When you break your goals down every step of the process, you’ll be able to see where you’re falling short.

Take Stock of Where You Are to Know Where You Want to Go

But first, you need to look at your sales process. How do most customers find you? Maybe it’s by walking past your storefront, and you want to increase the amount of foot traffic you have. Or maybe it’s by clicking on a Facebook ad, and you want to increase your conversion rate. Look at your sales process and make specific goals for each step.

Also, if you don’t know your current numbers, now’s the time to pull them out. It’s almost impossible to make goals if you don’t have any sense of your data.


The best goals are SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. A goal like “We want to make our webinars more effective in Q4” isn’t going to get you very far. But a goal like “We want to increase our average webinar viewership in Q4 by 50% by the end of November in order to pitch to a wider audience” is much more helpful.

Track as You Go

Let us suppose you implemented the above webinar goal. If you just sail to the end of November with a plan on checking your numbers then, you may fall way short. Make a plan to check in on your goal regularly, whether it’s every day, week, or month, in order to make sure it’s top of mind and that you’re really striving towards it. That way, if you do start to slip, you will prioritize it with your time and resources in the coming weeks. But don’t check too often—stalking your social following every hour is only going to stress you out and won’t give you a great overall picture of the data.