How to Make Sure Your Brand Is Inclusive

Increasingly, customers want to work with brands that share their values. And inclusivity is a big part of that. Here’s how you can see how well your brand is doing and how to improve.

Companies often have large missions, but their marketing teams may struggle to accurately convey those missions, visions, and values as part of larger marketing campaigns. If you have struggled to convey that your brand is inclusive, here are several approaches your marketing team can take to create a road map for improvement.

Assess Your Brand Visuals

Whether it’s part of marketing collateral or the visual aspect of your social media campaign, today’s customers are an increasingly visual group. As a result, marketers must find ways to support their messaging and brand development with visuals. Yet if your visuals are not inclusive, customers can conclude—either logically or subconsciously—that your brand is not for them. Do your images, videos, and other visuals incorporate a range of genders, ages, and races? Working from an inclusive visual aesthetic can both help you reach your full customer base and give you better tools to tell your brand story.

Look for Issues that Matter Specifically in Your Industry

While there are overarching best practices for building an inclusive brand, your company must also look at the issues that specifically affect your industry. For example, one apparel brand I spoke with realized that all its models were size 8 and below. Because the brand catered to a full range of sizes, it started featuring models of a variety of sizes and greatly expanded both its reach in the market and its reputation as an inclusive brand.

Let Your Own Customers Inspire You

Often, discussions around inclusive brands get mired in demographics. Demographics are important, but they don’t tell the entire picture. What customers are you currently serving who aren’t reflected in your marketing? This can be an excellent starting point for natural expansion points in your messaging. And working with those customers to feature their stories or better understand their needs can also be a good place to start.

Don’t let your brand growth be hampered by a lack of focus on inclusive branding. Today’s brands serve a wide range of customers. Take the time to ensure that your messaging, brand narrative, and brand visuals welcome the broadest base of customers and prospective customers.