How to Capitalize on a Podcast Interview

If you’re being interviewed on a podcast, be sure you make the most of the situation.

Source: Professor25 / iStock / Getty

You’ve been invited to go on someone’s podcast. Great! That means you’re being seen as an expert in your industry and will get your company in front of new ears. Being featured on a podcast can bring a huge boom to your business—or it can totally fall flat. The key to using someone else’s podcast as a marketing tool for your own business is to be as prepared as possible.

Research The Audience

First and foremost, it’s essential that you research the audience of this particular podcast. Many people assume you can go on a variety of shows and simply spout out answers to the interviewer’s questions. But if you’re able to tailor your answers to that interviewer’s specific audience, that will be helpful for both you and the interviewer. It’ll make your interview that much more interesting and engaging for the podcaster’s audience. A millennial man in London and an elderly woman in Idaho are not the same person, and rarely are they looking for the same information. Understanding who is listening in will help you provide real value.

Stay on Brand

Feel like you’re repeating some of the same phrases or answers in each podcast you go on? That’s not being repetitive, it’s staying on brand. Know the key points you want to hit and try to loop them in each time you’re interviewed.

Encourage Listener Questions

Ask the podcast host if they ever elicit questions from the audience ahead of time. If they do, say that you would be open to answering listener questions on air. This ensures that you form a real connection with the host’s listeners and provide a meaningful episode.

Provide an Opt-In

There are two goals to being featured on another person’s podcast. The first is to help his or her listeners. The second is to convert his or her audience into your audience. The most effective way to do this is to create an opt-in that’s specific to each particular podcast and encourage people listening in to sign up. That way, you can add people to your e-mail list and continue the conversation long after this particular interview has ended.

Share the Episode

If a podcast host has featured you on their show, it’s common courtesy that you then share the show on your own social media platforms. Again, this will increase both of your audiences and help convert listeners by pointing them towards your opt-in.