Should You Hire a Content Marketing Agency to Write Long-Form Content?

Long-form evergreen content helps you rank in search engines and turn viewers into customers. Here’s a closer look at how an agency can help.

Brands find the need to frequently write, publish, and engage around high-quality content challenging. Add in the need for evergreen, long-form content, and the mandate quickly becomes overwhelming. Hiring a content marketing agency is one strategy for generating long-form content. When determining if this is the right strategy to power up your content marketing efforts, here are four questions to consider. What’s your budget? Creating high-quality, long-form content can be a time-consuming endeavor. Often, it requires research, extensive writing, editing, and graphic production. This can pay off in the form of visibility, viral sharing on social media, search rankings, and conversions. However, it’s critical to determine what you can spend. Outsourcing offers tremendous convenience and can help you get more done faster—but there’s an impact to the bottom line.

What are your goals? Long-form content helps you achieve multiple goals. In many cases, the objective is to rank for selected keywords in search engine results. In others, it’s providing comprehensive guides that drive people to convert. Decide what your goals are. If it’s SEO, a content agency may be able to help because they understand strategy and conversion at a higher level than your team. Alternately, if it’s creating a buying guide, empowering your staff to create a guide and then having it optimized might be a better way to leverage internal knowledge.

How does this content fit into your larger strategies? Long-form content can be a cornerstone of larger campaigns. It can be repurposed for social media, blogging, presentations, and more. It can also serve as the basis for linking campaigns. It’s important to ask how the content will be used and whether it’s important to your larger marketing objectives. A content agency that’s working on other parts of your strategy may get more mileage from content it helps to produce and distribute, leading to better long-term results.

Who is your audience? The audience for long-form content can vary. Top-of-the-funnel content attracts people browsing and helps them discover your brand and offerings. As you move deeper into product-specific information, you’re targeting buyers who want specific insights on your unique offerings. Look critically at how your content agency will understand your audience and what steps they’ll take to incorporate those insights into the content they create. Dedicated audience research and development is a critical part of a successful content generation effort.

Long-form content is an essential part of your content marketing strategy. Hiring a content marketing agency can help you quickly scale up and develop the content that you need. Take the time to ask the right questions, and you’ll ensure that your long-form content investments generate maximum results.