Helping Marketing Analytics Directors Thrive

Midsize and enterprise companies are increasingly hiring marketing analytics directors. Yet, for many companies, it’s not clear what directors need in these positions to succeed and thrive. What does a marketing analytics director really do, and how can companies set them up for maximum productivity and impact? Here’s a closer look at three tips to help marketing analytics directors thrives in any organization.

Hire the right candidate: A successful marketing analytics director positon starts with hiring the right candidate. Choose an individual who not only understands numbers and how data help a business grow but also is on the cutting edge of technology and can quickly master the unique dynamics of your business and industry. The best candidates balance the ability to dig into the numbers behind the data they are managing, while interacting and communicating the resulting insights to individuals at all levels of your organization.

Support their ability to bridge data and strategy: Data are only useful when your team is able to leverage them when making key decisions about your business. In order to be successful, a marketing analytics director needs to bridge the gap between your overarching business strategy and objectives and the data strategy they are cultivating. In order to do this, they must understand how your business operates and what the long-term vision is for growth. Support their ability to bridge data and strategy by providing ample face time with leading executives and helping forge relationships with key members of your staff around the organization.

Invest in the right technological infrastructure: A marketing analytics director will only be as effective as the technology he or she has access to. Ensure you are making the investments needed to help make your envisioned data strategy a reality. For example, are you investing in the market research and data gathering needed to provide the raw source data for deep analysis? Does your marketing analytics director and his or her team have access to the right analysis and visualization tools? Committing to a marketing analytics strategy often requires an up-front technology investment to generate long-term return on investment (ROI), and empowering your team with the right technology is an essential component of building a successful analytics program.

As data become more deeply embedded into the DNA of the way your organization does business, the role of marketing analytics director will become increasingly critical. As companies learn how to hire, train, and manage these roles, focusing on recruiting the right candidates; giving them a seat at the table; and providing access to the right resources will go a long way toward maximizing your ROI on their salary.