Getting Ready for the New Year: Is Your Technology Stack Ready?

The new year isn’t far away. Here’s how to evaluate your technology stack and make sure it’s ready.

Technology is the cornerstone of most marketing efforts today. Companies are increasingly investing in technology tools, from those that deliver digital experiences to solutions that better analyze incoming data. For busy marketers, technology adds another layer of capability, making it easier to get more done with less. Here’s how to make sure your technology stack is ready for 2019 and beyond.

Communications: Marketers are moving away from best-in-class legacy systems that don’t communicate with each other. Instead, brands are relying on integrated systems that can pull together disparate data for better insights and stronger value delivered across the business. Assess your current solutions from the perspective of how effectively they communicate.

Data gathering: While there are many elements of an effective marketing technology stack to consider, data-gathering capabilities are paramount. Companies that are evaluating their technology platforms should look at their data and intelligence solutions. Are there gaps in your current setup that you’d like to remedy? Would new kinds of information help you be more effective at what you do?

Analytics and reporting: Improving your data-gathering technology is the first step. The second is exploring whether you have the analytical capabilities needed to make the most of your data. Today’s marketing solutions offer real-time analysis and highly customizable reporting. For marketers who want to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening in their business and the larger industry, strong analytics and reporting make it easier to stay up to speed.

Collaboration software: Whether you manage a disparate marketing team around the globe or simply have employees who need to clock in from home, collaboration software can help. Capabilities like project management, real-time document editing, and version control make it easier to track what’s happening and where projects are in the process. Flexible collaboration solutions also help teams stay productive regardless of where they are, such as on a client site, or address urgent concerns that arise outside of business hours.

The right technology can help your entire team be more productive and free up time from routine tasks for more creative, high-value work. As you head into 2019, look at these different areas of your technology infrastructure to identify high-priority, high-value opportunities for improvement.