Four Ways to Increase B2B Conversions

If you’re in the B2B marketing field, here are some helpful hacks to increase your sales.

Source: mariusz_prusaczyk / iStock / Getty

Selling your services or products to businesses instead of consumers? Although many of the same marking principles still apply, there are a few things that make the business-to-business (B2B) sales cycle stand out:

  • The sales process tends to be longer. Businesses need to make sure that things fit into their budgets and quarter goals.
  • There are likely more gatekeepers that need to say “yes.” There could be a lot more red tape involved.
  • The convincing factors often differ. What makes a consumer hit “buy” isn’t necessarily the same thing that makes a business owner hit “buy.”

Here are four tips for converting more B2B leads into definitive sales:

  1. Focus on nurturing your leads: In B2B, lead nurturing is incredibly important. Businesses want to buy from businesses that they’re familiar with and have networked with before a sale. According to BrightFunnel, it takes 52% more marketing touches to close a deal in B2B. Make sure you’re spending an adequate amount of time nurturing any leads with helpful information before making a pitch.
  2. Be willing to customize your offerings or packages: Businesses may desire customized packages more often than consumers. When dealing with larger budgets and more complex needs, consider that you may need to tweak your packages a bit for each client. One-size-fits-all doesn’t tend to work as well in B2B marketing.
  3. Pay special attention to your content marketing strategy: Try to narrow in on what makes businesses want to buy from you. Business owners consume different content than your average consumer, so take a look at your analytics and determine where your business customers are interacting with your content the most. It’s probably in a different way than direct consumers.
  4. Focus on public relations: When dealing with B2B, public relations (PR) should be a vital part of your strategy. Business owners are less likely to be impacted by things like influencers and are more likely to trust solid news coverage. The average sales funnel probably isn’t going to work the same way in B2B that it does in business to consumer (B2C), and you’ll need a bit more outside “proof,” like press coverage, to convince a company to invest in you. Make sure to be developing great relationships with business reporters in order to get your products, services, launches, and events some media buzz. If you are going to go the influencer route, make sure it’s another business owner, not a direct consumer.