Four Ways to Get Sales from Your Newsletter

Your newsletter should be one of the most influential sales tools you have.

Source: AVIcons / iStock / Getty

If there’s one marketing trend that has stayed consistent the last few years, it’s that of an e-mail list. The size and quality of your list is something discussed on almost every blog, podcast, and marketing magazine. But here’s a question that rarely gets discussed: why?

Sure, it’s the best way to connect with your followers. You can promote new launches, products, or services. It’s a tool for free education that you can give to position yourself as an expert. But if your newsletter isn’t translating into direct sales, it isn’t doing its job. Your newsletter doesn’t serve a purpose if it’s lengthy but with low conversions.

Here are five ways to get instant sales from your newsletter and raise your conversion rates so that the time, money, and energy you’re pouring into it don’t go to waste.

  1. Utilize a sales funnel. You know that opt-in you created to get people onto your list? By downloading it, they should now be on a sales funnel—a series of dripped e-mails that eventually lead to a sales one. If you hit people with a sales e-mail right off the bat, they’re simply going to hop off your list. If you nurture them first with content that’s engaging, entertaining, and educational, your final pitch will lead to a much higher conversion rate.
  2. Tag subscribers who click on links. In most reputable e-mail marketing platforms, you have the ability to tag subscribers who click on links. When you first send out your sales page or announce your new product, tag each subscriber who even clicks on the link. That shows that they’re at least kind of interested in what you have to say. Then, you can go back and send another, more specified e-mail to that list.
  3. Present the idea of a “before” and “after.” You know those cheesy weight loss photos shown on fitness program infomercials? They may be cliché, but they work—people like to understand how something will change them. Make sure to let your newsletter followers know that you understand where they are now, but you also see where they could be after they purchase your product or service.
  4. Share testimonials. People are always going to trust third party recommendations more than something coming directly from your business. Include a few of your most effective testimonials in your sales funnel e-mails. You’ll see results skyrocket.