Four Tools That Teach You About Your Website

These marketing tools will help you understand how your website’s working and how to make it better.

Source: SvetaZi / iStock / Getty

Your website is your company’s digital home. For some businesses, it’s where you sell your services; for others, it’s where you supply your content marketing; for others still, it’s where you give information about who you are and what you do; and for many, it’s all of the above. So, knowing that your website is working well is essential to your bottom line.

Here are four tools that will teach you about your website: what’s currently working, what isn’t, and how you can make it better.

  1. Crazy Egg: Crazy Egg provides a heat map of your website that shows you where people are clicking and spending time. This is incredibly valuable information to have. The more you know about which pages people are spending time on, the more you know which are working … and which aren’t. If you poured time, energy, and finances into your sales page but people are mainly hanging out on your blog, you know you need to add more calls to action from your blog posts or even incorporate some e-commerce on that end. You can even watch real people navigate your site through recordings.
  2. Optimizely: If you’ve ever wanted to create a few different versions of your webpage and test which one works better, Optimizely is perfect for you. You can run efficient A/B testing on your website by designing multiple website pages and seeing which lead to the highest conversions. That way, you can test out things like your sales page and see which versions bring in the most conversions.
  3. Woopra: Woopra helps you see and understand analytics for all aspects of your website, such as customers who you can put on your website and use as references. It gives in-depth reports on the trends and journeys your customers take on your website and can even provide you with profiles of customers who purchase or send in support tickets. By understanding what customers do before they purchase, you can understand what aspects of your website to highlight and pay the most attention to.
  4. Majestic: If you’re particularly interested in monitoring your website’s search engine optimization, Majestic will do the trick. Through backlink tracking and keyword searches, the program lets you see how relevant Google finds your content and what keywords/topics it associates with your brand. You can ensure that your company’s content marketing and brand messaging are actually in line with what you’re trying to sell.