Five Ways Snapchat Can Elevate Your Brand

Snapchat has become one of the social media powerhouses used by brands. The popular platform can elevate your brand in a major way when used intentionally.

When Snapchat first appeared on the scene, many waved it off as a platform for teens that would fizzle out sooner rather than later. But brands that have capitalized on Snapchat have seen growth, loyalty, and engagement from their customer base. Over 100 million people use Snapchat every single day—that’s a lot of current and potential customers. How can Snapchat elevate your business brand and connect you with clientele?

  1. Host an account takeover. Is there a brand influencer you’ve been working with or could reach out to? Give them moderated control of your account for the day. They can post things like what they’re up to, how they’re using your product or service, and how they’re working within your industry. If you choose an influencer with a wide market reach, they’ll bring over quite a few followers, giving your Snapchat a boost.
  2. Put the spotlight on your followers. Ask followers to send you snaps of your product or service in use, and then spotlight them. They’ll likely share your account with their own networks, and your account engagement will increase as followers attempt to be featured.
  3. Give introductions and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at your business. For instance, show what different departments are up to in any given day. If you’re a solo business, do a “day in the life” to give a peek into behind-the-scenes projects. Since consumers are more likely to buy from people than nameless businesses, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to your audience and start building a rapport.
  4. Give exclusive promos or previews. If you have a new product coming out, advertise that you’ll be showing special sneak peeks on your Snapchat account. You could also offer promo or coupon codes that are only eligible for your Snapchat followers. By giving off an air of secrecy, you’ll attract more eyes.
  5. Ask a question. Like any social media platform, the best way to boost engagement is to invite audience members into the conversation. Ask your followers a question that ties into your industry. If you’re a fashion blogger, that could be something like, “What’s your favorite item of clothing you own?” If you’re a software coding company, something more along the lines of “If you could only visit one website for the rest of your life, what would it be?” might work. Invite followers to send snaps back, and feature your favorite responses.