Five Podcasts Small Business Owners Will Love

There are thousands of business podcasts out there, but this handful is tailored perfectly to small businesses and their hardworking owners.

If you type in “business podcast” on iTunes, you’re quickly hit with a wall of shows. Here are a few podcasts that go above and beyond to help small business owners stay organized, get things done, and market themselves effectively.

  1. Smart Passive Income: Although Pat Flynn’s hit show is about creating passive income streams, it’s also perfect for businesses. He discusses everything from growing your e-mail list to the various types of social media platforms to great customer service strategies. He also gives a lot of insight into how small businesses can create passive income streams, not just individuals, which is a useful tool to have in your tool belt.
  2. Online Marketing: Amy Porterfield hosts this show on effective online marketing, but it has two huge focuses—Facebook ads and e-mail list building. If your social media advertising needs a facelift, Amy offers a ton of tips on effective ad creation and implementation, and she also has some wisdom behind how to quickly grow your e-mail list. She’s interviewed heavy hitters in business like Marie Forleo and Ray Edwards, and it feels like you’re sitting at a coffee shop basking in business advice.
  3. Being Boss: Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson give business and marketing tips to entrepreneurs who aren’t in a conventional office setting. If you’re a solopreneur or working artist and having a hard time finding business resources that resonate with you, give Being Boss a listen. It’s both entertaining and educational, a nice combination to break up the world of slightly boring business books. They share behind-the-scenes numbers from their own show and even dive into their own struggles with blogging and analytics.
  4. HBR IdeaCast: This podcast from the Harvard Business Review is chock-full of business strategy and success stories. It’s a bit more high level, diving into business theories and thoughts instead of down-and-dirty implementation. It also supplies listeners with current headlines of the business world, helping you stay informed on yours and other industries. They have quite the guest lineup, including Harvard professors.
  5. Mind Your Business: This podcast looks into the psychology of business owners and how to shift your mind-set for greater profits. It’s a bit different from other business podcasts as it’s very focused on inner energy, thought processes, and how to make subtle changes in your mind to bring about huge changes in your bottom line. James Wedmore and Phoebe Mroczek have a great chemistry, and their engaging conversations make tricky topics seem simple and intriguing.