Finding the Best Influencers in Your Market

“Influencer marketing” is the simple act of asking well-known people to promote your product or services. But who are these people, and how can you find them?

Illustration of business people with tablet in social network

GiGra / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Influencer marketing is on the rise, and it’s no surprise why. Having an influencer promote your product or services seems a lot more authentic than a billboard, leaflet, or commercial. This native social media advertising can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Consumers will trust this third party in a way that they’ll never trust a company that’s trying to sell them something. The good news? Finding influencers doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated.

First, think of your target client. Who are they? Where do they shop? What’s their age? Where do they live? And most importantly, who do they look up to? Who influences their choices and decisions? That’s the influencer you’re looking for.

If you’re unsure who that is, you have a couple of options. Sending out a survey to your current clients can go a long way. Ask what they’ve enjoyed about utilizing your business, what could have worked better, and the names of some people that they admire. Take Pat Flynn—he’s incredibly well-known in the world of online business. A ton of small business owners looking to make passive income would name him as someone they admire.

If you don’t want to send a survey, consider spending some time on social media. Look at some of your clients (or target clients) and see who they’re following and liking on Instagram and Facebook. Whose blogposts are they constantly posting? Who’s hosting the events they’re buying tickets for?

Lastly, you could do a simple Google search. Although this is much more broad and will be trickier to narrow down, searching for “celebrity makeup artists” to send your new product to or “small business consultant” to send a free subscription to your accounting software could do the trick.

Before you reach out to an influencer, consider these factors:

  • Any influencer should have a wide reach in the marketplace, although the exact numbers will depend on his or her individual industry. He or she should have a significant social media presence.
  • Is this influencer posting consistently or only once and a while? Finding an influencer who posts content often ensures that people are following along and will spot the influencer’s post about your product or service.
  • Brand identity. Make sure that the influencer’s online presence lines up with your company’s values. For instance, you don’t want to accidently have an influencer who regularly uses vulgar language promoting something to kids.