Why Your Facebook Ad Got Denied

Have an ad get declined? Here are a few reasons why that might have happened.

Source: pixinoo / shutterstock

There are few things more frustrating than selecting the perfect image, diligently crafting copy, targeting your ad with laser-like precision … and watching Facebook decline it. Not only does it waste your time but also, it’s hard to tell why at times.

Here are a few common reasons Facebook declines ads. Run diagnostics on your own ad to see which of these may have painted your ad as decline-worthy. If you’re still unsure, reach out to Facebook Support to get to the bottom of it. It also offers a form you can fill out to repeal its decision.

  • If your landing page isn’t functional. If you link your ad to a landing page and that page doesn’t work, Facebook is going to deny your ad. Make sure everything is properly linked up before moving forward.
  • Your ad doesn’t match what you’re actually selling. If you’re advertising one thing but sending people to a landing page for another, Facebook views that as deceitful. Your ad needs to match up with what you’re offering at the moment. For instance, don’t offer access to a free webinar but provide a landing page that sells business coaching.
  • Your ad promotes something illegal. This one is pretty cut-and-dried. Facebook doesn’t allow ads that sell illegal drugs or activities. Make sure you’re in line with the law!
  • Your ad promotes something Facebook deems “unsafe.” If you’re advertising a supplement that hasn’t been FDA-approved or a practice that Facebook thinks could be harmful, it can deny your ad. It has “sole discretion,” meaning although you or a handful of doctors might think it is perfectly safe, Facebook could disagree. It also doesn’t allow “before and after” pictures for things like weight loss programs.
  • Your ad features “controversial political or social issues.” This one is tricky because it’s hard to know where Facebook draws the line and could largely come down to whoever is reviewing the ads. But if you’re promoting or discussing a controversial issue for “commercial gain,” Facebook reserves the right to decline your ad.
  • Your ad is for a multilevel marketing business. Facebook doesn’t allow advertisements for most multilevel marketing businesses, especially ones that promote a “quick” way to grow your income. You may be able to advertise your products, but it frowns on promoting your downline as an “income opportunity.”
  • Your ad is too disruptive. When someone hovers over your ad, does it expand to fill the screen? Do you use a flashing screen or something clickbait-esque to get people to watch your video? Facebook wants ads to flow natively, not stand out too much. It’s a tricky balance because obviously, you want to find a way to get people to stop their scroll. But if you’re too disruptive, you’ll be declined.