Energizing Your Management Team for the Last Third of the Year

Your management team has a lot on their plate. Help them achieve their goals with a plan to recharge your marketing directors for the year ahead.

Source: doble-d / iStock / Getty

With September rapidly approaching, we’re squarely in the final third quarter of the year. Executives are reviewing numbers, and employees are eyeing their goals to make sure everything is on track. However, if you began the year with big goals or have sustained a heavy workload, your team may be flagging. Here’s a closer look at strategic ways to energize and refocus your management team for the final push in 2019.

Revisit your annual and quarterly goals: It’s important to know what you’re recharging the batteries for. Help your management team refuel their tanks by spending some time refocusing. What goals are key in the months ahead? What do they personally need to accomplish, and where should they focus their energy with their team? A management retreat or active downward managing strategy—setting up a series of one-on-one meetings, for example—is a great way to accomplish this.

Invest in additional support for the holidays: Are the holidays your busiest time of the year? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies need their marketing, customer service, and other teams to bring their A-game to the final portion of the year to increase profits and ensure success. Make it easier by ensuring that managers have the support they need. Encourage them to outline their staffing needs and to take time off before the holidays to spend with family and friends.

Offer incentives: If there’s ever a time of year to offer incentives, year-end is it. From much-needed funds for holiday spending to the liquidity to afford a New Year’s trip, employees often have goals that can fuel higher levels of performance. While you want your team to bring their best efforts every day, incentives can reinvigorate their motivation and help them deliver their best work at every point of the day.

Implement a wellness program: If you’ve been exploring the power of wellness, now is the time to use that to help your management team really focus. Mindfulness, yoga, meditation, exercise, and flexible schedules can also contribute to high levels of wellness. When your managers are happy and healthy, they’re more likely to be able to contribute excellence in the workplace. A wellness program is an affordable, scalable way to invest in your whole management team.

Ending the year on a high note can make your year a success. If your management team is flagging, these innovative ideas can help you increase engagement and power up performance for the last few months of 2019.