Creating a Marketing FAQ that Works in 2018

An FAQ is a great reference point for your customers and can save your service team significant amounts of work.

Your marketing strategy can benefit from a well-formulated frequently asked questions (FAQs) document. But how can you create an FAQ document that really gets to the heart of the information your customers want? Here are five suggestions for creating an incredibly useful evergreen FAQ that will serve your brand well.

Survey different stakeholders to understand their questions. If you ask an employee in your technical customer service department and you ask a sales rep, each of these individuals will offer a different perspective on your customers’ most commonly asked questions. Your billing department, your on-site support staff, and others around the company will have unique insights into what matters most. When creating an FAQ, take the time to ask for input and suggested questions and answers from a wide variety of stakeholders around the company. This will give you the highest chance of creating a document that’s both comprehensive and useful.

Group questions by theme. Customers often have questions that cluster around similar issues. These may be questions about a specific product, billing, or your company’s return policies. Sift through the questions you are considering including, and find those themes. Those themes will provide a natural guideline for how to organize the larger document.

Choose simple, precise language. There are many different ways to ask the same question. Choose the simplest, most precise way to word your questions and answers, so they will be understood by the largest possible cross-section of customers. Continually edit and refine your FAQ until a range of test subjects, from your receptionist to your CEO, fully understands all the content.

Highlight subjects you want customers to know. An FAQ is also a great place to shine a spotlight on information you want your customers to know. For example, do you offer and industry-best return policy? An FAQ allows you to explore that information in a useful way and reinforce positive brand sentiment. Think about aspects of your business that could be brand differentiators, and bring them into your FAQ development.

Create a process for review and revision. As times change and your business evolves, this will be a living and breathing document. Create a clear process for reviewing and revising the document as needed. One approach is to include it in your annual marketing audit. Another is to designate a point of contact who is in charge of the FAQ and refer requests to change information or add additional questions to that person for consideration.

Creating a well-thought-out FAQ takes some work. Ultimately, however, this piece of content can help your customers quickly and easily find the information they need, eliminate low-value calls to your customer service center, and provide a forum where you can showcase positive information about your policies, products, and brand.