Could a Brand Coach Help Your Business and Marketing?

Can a branding coach help you improve your business?

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Branding matters. It helps you connect with customers and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Yet in some cases, business owners and marketing leaders aren’t sure where to take their brand. Perhaps your brand is older and feels like it has stagnated, or you’re launching a business and want a fresh take on the industry. If your branding effort feels too complex, here’s how a brand coach can help.

Bringing an outside perspective. An experienced brand coach has worked on numerous branding projects. He or she has seen case studies that worked well and knows how a branding project can quickly get off track. With an outside perspective, it’s possible to apply the latest trends and best practices to your branding. The coach can also highlight opportunities you may have missed when developing your branding proposition.

Following a streamlined process. Developing a brand or undertaking a rebranding exercise is a major investment. This should not be done on an ad hoc basis. A branding consultant or coach will follow a systematic process to look at all the different aspects of your brand. This may include statistical research into perceptions of the market, auditing your written and visual brand, and much more. When you engage a branding consultant or coach, you can rest assured that your branding initiative will go through an organized and industry best practice approach.

Acting as an arbiter. Do all the key decision-makers agree on the most important elements of your brand? I once worked on a rebranding exercise where it quickly became clear that the company’s founder, COO, CEO, and president all had different ideas about what the brand encompassed. An outside consultant was able to help everyone articulate his or her points of view, find common ground, and then navigate the difficult conversations while being aware that points of view differed. Ultimately, the team found consensus and was able to drive a successful rebrand.

What to Look for When Hiring a Consultant

Many businesses wonder what to look for in a branding coach or consultant. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do they have experience in your industry?
  • Does their branding expertise align with your business size?
  • Do they have hands-on experience working with brands as an internal stakeholder? For example, did they work in the marketing field before becoming an independent consultant?

Hiring a branding consultant can help you reach your business goals today. Choose the right person and take advantage of his or her unique experience, outside perspective, and ability to integrate perspectives across the organization.