How Adobe Is Winning at Social Media

Creative leader Adobe is setting the stage for showing brands the best ways to stand out on social media. Here’s how the company did it and what you can learn from it.

Source: iLexx / iStock / Getty

In today’s digital age, Adobe has completely embraced the power of social media, where its image-driven products fit seamlessly. It excels through offering meaningful content, utilizing diversified channels, posting user-generated content, and creating a genuine social presence. The brand now has millions of followers across its social media accounts.

Meaningful Content that Is Visually Appealing

It would be easy for a brand like Adobe to settle with posting content that is simply visually appealing, but Adobe doesn’t settle for what’s easy. Its posts have attractive graphics, but they also have meaning. Adobe talks about forward-thinking issues like inclusive design, female creators, and diversity. At the end of the day, Adobe’s content is both visually and intellectually stimulating.

Different Channels for Different Products

Adobe realizes that its different products have inherently different audiences, so it established individual accounts intended to cater to those specific audiences. For example, Adobe® InDesign’s Facebook page features videos with the InDesign product team, articles about graphic design trends, and updates about product changes. The Adobe Dreamweaver page, on the other hand, provides coding resources, covers user experience trends, and offers professional development suggestions for designers. Abode understands its audiences and caters to them separately.

User-Generated Content

Adobe works with and is respected by some of the greatest creative people in the world. Adobe uses this to its advantage on its Instagram page. Its account details the type of art it is currently interested in featuring, and it offers a hashtag users can implement to potentially be featured on the page. It shares a variety of art while also giving credit to the artists, which creates an impressive Instagram aesthetic.

A Social Presence that Supports Its Brand’s Characteristics

What are the characteristics that come to mind when you think of Adobe? Creative, technologically advanced, inclusive, forward-thinking, and many more come to mind. Because its social channels support what consumers already believe to be true about the brand, its profiles appear genuine and thoughtful.

It takes time and expertise to build social channels that resonate with your audience, but Adobe has achieved that goal. Here’s what you can take away from Adobe’s social media success:

  • Identify and create for your target audience. The more they enjoy and engage with your content, the more people will see it, and the larger your audience will grow.
  • Consider unique ways of gathering content. User-generated content is a great way to diversify the content you can offer your audience.
  • Establish a genuine brand voice. Your audience will know if what you’re sharing doesn’t align with the values of your brand. By creating a consistent brand voice, you create credibility.

There’s no replacement for thoughtful content, so go forth and experiment with creative new directions in your social media marketing.