6 Ways to Write Social Media Ads that Convert

Launching a high-converting social media campaign can be one of the most fulfilling parts of a digital marketer’s job responsibilities. What can you do to ensure that your social media ads convert as well as possible? With these six tips, your ads will drive conversions.

Source: solarseven / iStock / Getty

  1. Use Conversion Optimization Settings If Possible

Many social networks, like Facebook, allow campaigns to be set up with specific optimization settings or goals. You can set up the campaign to drive as many clicks, conversions, landing page views, etc., as you want. If conversions are your number one goal, set up your Facebook pixel and your conversion events, and then set your campaign goal to conversions. Facebook will use the data it gathers from the pixel to drive more qualified users to the site from the ad.

  1. Write to Your Audience

It’s important to always write your ad copy after you define your target audience. Use the audience overview to decide what theme or angle your ad copy will take, and think about what activities your target audience does each day and how the ad will be appearing to them. Taking these initial steps will help you create the verbiage that is more likely to resonate.

  1. Show the Benefit

If you are selling workout equipment to a mother, you might want to focus on how buying equipment online saves her time. You could also show the benefit of having a delivery service that will come to her home at the time that works best for her. Define what solution your audience needs, and provide it to them in the ad copy.

  1. Make the Next Move Clear

Decide what your CTA is going to be, and make it clear. Try not to make the CTA anything that requires too big of a commitment. If it’s the first time someone sees your ad, it might not be a good choice for the CTA to be “Schedule installation of your inground pool today.” That requires too large of a commitment. Whichever CTA you choose, make it define the action you want your customer to take.

  1. A/B Test

Create a few variations of each ad. In one variation, keep the same graphics but switch the copy. In another, keep the same copy but switch the graphics, and in another, try throwing in a few emojis. After a few days or weeks, depending on the reach of your ads, you can review your tests and determine which ads are performing best. You can also gain insight into which sets of copy, graphics, and emojis are driving the most conversions.

  1. Use Data to Tweak

The amount of data regarding clicks, CTR, etc., that social advertising provides is amazing, especially compared to traditional media. Use those data to make decisions. For example, on Facebook, you can see which regions, ages, and even genders converted. Use that information to refine your targeting, update ad copy, and test new imagery. Never stop learning from your ad’s data!

Using these tips, you can increase the conversion rates of your social advertising campaigns. It’s all about cohesiveness, so it’s important to pay attention to both the campaign-level items like targeting and budget and the creative details like ad copy and imagery.