5 Ways to Get Your Company’s LinkedIn® Page Ready for 2018

LinkedIn is, hands down, the top social media site for business-to-business marketing. But with over 500 million users and 10 million job postings, it’s also gaining importance among B2C customers and jobseekers.

Source: alexsl / iStock / Getty

Each summer, LinkedIn names the Top 10 Company Pages of the year, and the common threads among all the winners are not only evident, but they also serve as a tidy list of best practices for the business-oriented platform. If it’s been a while since you updated your company’s LinkedIn page, maybe it’s time.

Here are five things you should do to spruce up your business LinkedIn page for better results.

  1. Include your mission and vision statements.

Your company’s LinkedIn page is the perfect place to show off what your brand is all about. Most high-performing company pages feature mission and vision statements front and center, emphasizing brand identity and transparency.

  1. Post high-quality, engaging content on a regular basis.

Sharing quality content daily keeps your company LinkedIn page in front of your audience. Make sure the content you share invites engagement by including questions and discussion prompts your page followers can weigh in on. Don’t forget to include engaging visual content, such as images and video.

  1. Optimize your company page for SEO.

Many page owners may not realize that company pages on LinkedIn are SEO-friendly. LinkedIn reveals that Google search results preview up to 156 characters of page text, which means page owners should seize the opportunity to load up the company description with engaging, keyword-rich copy.

  1. Utilize LinkedIn’s Career Pages.

Some of the best company pages on LinkedIn use the platform to engage with prospective hires and enhance their employer brand. LinkedIn Career Pages are a great way to reach new audiences and highlight employment opportunities, company culture, benefits and more. This add-on tool even includes analytics to help you track your branding efforts on your recruitment goals.

  1. Use LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages.

A Showcase Page is a free extension of standard company pages on LinkedIn, and the flexible tool can be used for a variety of purposes. Showcase Pages can be set up to spotlight a project or initiative, as well as to create a home for divisions, departments, or products that may have their own specific target audiences.

With these techniques, you can improve the overall quality of your company’s LinkedIn page in a short amount of time. That can lead to a better brand reputation, higher quality employees, more website traffic, and maybe even a future spot on LinkedIn’s Best Company Pages award list.