5 Statistics That May Convince You to Sponsor Podcasts Next Year

Mapping out your 2020 marketing plan? Podcasts should be on it.

Source: Krysja / shutterstock

There’s no doubt that podcasts are one of the most frequently consumed forms of media. In today’s day and age, people like to consume content while doing other things, such as mowing the lawn, folding laundry, or driving to work. There’s a podcast on almost every topic under the sun, and your industry almost certainly has a podcast—or two or three or seven—that you could be advertising on.

So why aren’t you?

Podcast advertising may feel relatively new, but as a marketing strategy, it’s here to stay. Here are five statistics that may convince you to sponsor podcasts in the coming year as part of your game plan.

More than 67 Million People Listen to Podcasts Each Month

That’s a whole lot of podcast listeners. If you aren’t on podcasts, you’re missing out. Your audience is likely there, and if you find the right show to partner with, you’ll be able to find them. Even if there are podcasts in your industry that haven’t used advertisers, reach out and start a conversation—they may be open to it.

45% of Podcast Listeners Listen to the Entire Show

This is a much higher statistic than blogs—most people consuming online content only read for a minute or two before clicking away. But podcast listeners are much more invested, and because they consume the whole show, they also consume its advertisements.

Almost a Quarter of Americans Listen to Podcasts Weekly

This means that people who listen to podcasts feel some sort of connection to the podcasts they listen to each week. And because they continually return, it’s more likely they trust the podcast host.

41% of Podcast Listeners Make Over $70,000

Podcast listeners tend to be well-off with money to spend. Those are the types of people you’re hoping to attract as customers.

54% of Podcast Listeners Are More Willing to Try a Product After Hearing About It On a Podcast

Your future customers may have heard of you before, but hearing your advertisement on a podcast they listen to regularly will make them much more willing to purchase. People listen to podcasts, hear ads, and then consider buying the product or service, but they tend to simply skip over Web banners.

So if you haven’t considered investing in podcast ads in 2020, mull these statistics over, and see if you can make room in your budget. You won’t be disappointed.