5 Simple Prompts to Turbocharge Your Content Marketing

Refresh your content marketing with these prompts get you thinking about new topics and outlooks on those you approach.

Source: Lenka Horavova / shutterstock

Content marketing remains an important part of today’s media and marketing mix. And for many brands, whether they are launching their first full-scale content marketing campaign or looking for ways to refresh an existing strategy, coming up with topics to discuss can be a challenge. To make your next content marketing campaign a success, here are five simple prompts to drive your content creation strategy.

What Are Today’s Hot Topics in Your Industry?

The topics that key stakeholders in your industry are discussing change all the time. Look at what conversations are happening in the media, trade publications, and professional (or industry) online forums. Consider offering a unique take on these hot topics or simply providing guidance from your unique point of view. Having a voice in your industry’s most important discussions is a great way to grow your brand and visibility.

What Are the Most Common Problems You Are Solving for Customers?

Creating content that speaks directly to customers is the cornerstone of any successful content marketing effort. In many cases, the best content-creation strategy starts with creating blog posts, social media content, and white papers—as well as videos and podcasts—that relate to your customers’ most urgent problems. What problems are you solving for customers? Have they evolved at all in the last 12 months? A new view on how to solve customers’ problems can present an opportunity to update your strategy.

How Can Content Support Your Customer Experience Goals?

The customer experience (CX) has been in the headlines for the last year. Many businesses are increasingly focused on the CX they offer. One smart way to evaluate content is by looking at how it can support your CX goals. For example, if your goals focus on fast, easy service, content that helps address common customer service complaints or questions can be a great way to get started.

Can You Adopt an Emerging Format?

One way content marketing campaigns tend to stagnate is by repeatedly relying on the same form. One client I spoke with had collected thousands of blog posts but never attempted a long-form piece or tried an emerging format like video and audio. One year later, after starting a simple, short podcast, it had become the company’s biggest source of leads. Don’t be afraid to utilize new formats to tell your story and use diversification as a way to generate more interest in your campaigns.

Are You Amplifying the Right Voices?

Increasingly, content marketing offers one of the most important platforms for authentic connections with customers. Who within your company are you inviting to contribute to the content you put out? Aim for developing a diverse group of contributors across roles, demographics, and perspectives. Amplifying new voices can add dynamic engagement to an otherwise flagging campaign.

Content marketing campaigns are a tried-and-true way to share your perspective in the market. If you’re looking for opportunities to refresh your strategy, embracing these methods can bring new life and focus to your efforts.