5 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Business Page in 2020

2020 is the year to make sure you have an active business page on LinkedIn. Here are five reasons why.

hocus-focus / iStock Unreleased / Getty Images

LinkedIn remains the most important social network for professionals and making business-related connections online. LinkedIn may not have the reach of Facebook, but you can expect to find industry leaders, executives, and many other influential people on the platform. Most people use the site for their resume and to build their brand. You can, however, create a business page to promote your company. If you are uncertain whether your business needs a business page on LinkedIn, the following reasons can help you make the case for laser-focusing on this important area in 2020.

Build a Showcase Page

A Showcase Page can be linked to from your main profile, highlighting a product, event, or service in greater detail. You could, for example, have a leading product that consumers associate with your brand. A Showcase Page can focus exclusively on this product, integrating unique content created specifically for the page. Visitors can then find the exact content they are looking for, instead of needing to look through each aspect of your business.

Find New Employees

LinkedIn is considered to be a premium a site for finding employment opportunities, so much of the best talent will be active on the platform. You can use LinkedIn to find an employee to fill a role, looking through resumes quickly. If you don’t have an immediate vacancy, you can gradually build relationships, ensuring you only work with the best matches for your brand.

Share Content

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for sharing targeted content. Many users find articles focused on their niche through the site, with recommendations from trusted sources being particularly influential. The content you share can also be tailored to your business, with articles that offer value and promote your services. Additionally, you can increase traffic to your blog through LinkedIn, helping to grow your subscriber base.

Grow Relationships

Most businesses can grow by cultivating relationships with targeted individuals. Partnerships with people in your industry can open new doors that lead to quick growth. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for relationship building, with higher response rates than most online alternatives. You can send messages or comment on content, with most people more open to productive dialogue than on other popular social sites.

Increase Your Search Footprint

As an authoritative site, LinkedIn is frequently featured in search engines. A comprehensive business page could easily feature on the first page of Google for a brand search, with plenty of targeted traffic to follow. Search traffic could potentially lead interested consumers to all kinds of sites, possibly giving a negative view of your brand. Using an authoritative source like LinkedIn to grow a supplementary page to your main website ensures visitors find positive content.

LinkedIn is a popular social platform, but it has a narrower focus than many of its competitors. Most people on the platform are there for business reasons, intending to develop business relationships. In many cases, individuals are looking to further their careers and want to grow their brand. For businesses, there is much potential, allowing you to promote yourself and find new employees. Most branding efforts focus on building a customer base, but LinkedIn also offers the unique opportunity to grow your industry reputation.