5 Must-Read Blogs on Marketing Technology

Today’s marketing professionals need to stay up to date on the ever-evolving field of marketing tech. To help, here’s a list of our top five must-read marketing technology blogs.

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If you’ve been in marketing for more than a day or two, you know how quickly the marketing world is moving. New technology is constantly changing the ways we reach consumers, and staying current on that tech can be a challenge. Our list of the top five marketing tech blogs will make that part of your job a little easier.

  1. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land covers marketing technologies related to search engines, from search engine optimization to search engine marketing. It offers starter guides, like the guide to SEO, as well as the most up-to-date news on Google algorithm changes, Google AdWords updates, and so much more. It also covers specific marketing niches, including social media, Bing, Google, retail, local, mobile, SEM, and SOE.

What’s Unique: Search Engine Land offers a newsletter you can sign up for called SearchCap. Each evening, a short but informative list of new articles arrives in your in-box. This one newsletter can keep you updated on the most important changes in marketing technology day in and day out.

  1. HubSpot Blog

HubSpot offers some of the most advanced inbound marketing technology, and the expertise that comes with that is reflected in its blog. HubSpot offers information on a variety of subject matters, including social media algorithm updates, developing marketing trends, and marketing news (like the recent Cambridge Analytica news story). The content covers both B2C and B2B marketing.

What’s Unique: For marketers who are dedicated to proving their expertise, HubSpot offers a variety of free certification courses. The courses are frequently updated, so the information is always fresh and exciting.

  1. Kissmetrics Blog

The Kissmetrics blog provides information on anything and everything analytics-related. There are several articles discussing the future of marketing in 2018, covering topics including SEO, e-mail marketing, LinkedIn, content marketing, mobile marketing, and more.

What’s Unique: Kissmetrics is easily one of the most trusted blogs covering analytics. If you are a marketer looking for new and innovative ways to optimize your campaigns, Kissmetrics offers some great food for thought.

  1. MarTech

MarTech features a lot of great content about digital marketing strategies and tactics. From combating ad blockers to marketing automation, if there is a specific topic you are interested in, you’ll find the latest here.

What’s Unique: MarTech is dedicated to following and reporting on marketing technology. It also offers a super-informative podcast, which makes it convenient to get your marketing technology fix while on the go.

  1. Neil Patel’s Blog

As soon as you open Neil’s blog, you choose the category of learning you are interested in. Options include conversion rate optimization, content marketing, e-mail marketing, entrepreneurship, e-commerce, marketing, paid ads, online marketing, SEO, and social media.

What’s Unique: Neil Patel offers some of the most in-depth “how to”-type articles. If you are working to implement a new marketing technology, you’ll likely be able to find a step-by-step guide that will make you feel much more comfortable.

As a marketer, staying up to date on marketing technology is vital. Often, new technology is what leads to increased success for the businesses we are supporting or the clients we are working for. Check in wit