5 Features to Look for When Choosing SEO Software for Your Business

The right SEO software can make your marketing efforts more effective and help them reach the right audiences. Here’s what to look for when choosing SEO software for your business.

Source: Molnia / iStock / Getty

When you are trying to increase the online visibility of your business, integrating search engine optimization (SEO) software into your efforts is a no-brainer. Understanding how helpful SEO tools can be for increased lead generation is essential if you want to build a company that survives and thrives regardless of how the economy is doing. But how do you choose the right SEO software for your business? How do you know which features offer the biggest return on investment (ROI) for your growing company? If you want help choosing SEO software for your business, here are five powerful features you should look for.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking features are critical when choosing the right SEO software for your business. Not only do you want data on which keywords you should target for increased customer engagement opportunities, but you also want information on low-competition keywords to increase your SEO marketing spend. Understanding which keywords will drive attention to your business is crucial for increased marketing ROI.

Data Analytics

Detailed data analytics are another essential feature when reviewing SEO tools for your company. Make sure the SEO software you’re considering offers analysis features for everything from social media monitoring to recommended actions for improved performance. The more extensive the SEO data analysis is, the likelier it is you will be happy with the software you choose.

Custom Reports

If your intention is to use SEO software to increase your company’s growth rate, make sure you can create custom reports via the software interface you choose. SEO usually involves your entire team’s input, and being able to share custom SEO reports can help drive performance. Make sure you can create custom reports on factors like back-link tracking, competition analysis, and pay-per-click (PPC) success rates.

Activity Dashboard

A powerful activity dashboard is essential when choosing the best SEO software for your business. Make sure your SEO software provider offers an activity dashboard with features like campaign tracking, A/B testing monitoring, and keyword optimization measuring. If the SEO software you choose offers an activity dashboard packed with information, you’re more likely to achieve greater results with your SEO efforts.

Third-Party Integration Options

The final feature you should look for when investigating SEO software for your business is third-party integration options. Does the software you’re considering offer integration features for Google Analytics, Zapier, and/or If This Then That (IFTTT)? When you’re able to integrate your SEO tools into your existing brand development strategy, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your growth efforts.

Make the effort to investigate multiple features to increase your odds of choosing the best SEO resources for your business, and pay attention to these five features when choosing the right SEO software for your company.