5 Critical ‘A’ Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency for Brand Management

Hiring a digital marketing agency to help manage your brand is a big decision. These questions will help you decide which agency will be the best partner for your business.

Source: fizkes / iStock / Getty

Hiring the right digital marketing agency for brand management is not a decision to be made lightly. Whether you want to hire a marketing team to assist with reputation management or you require the services of experienced content marketing professionals for search engine optimization (SEO), asking the right questions during the agency interview stage is crucial. The better informed you are during the interview stage, the likelier it is you will make the right hiring decision for your business. If this is the year you hire a digital marketing agency to assist with brand management for your company, you should ask the following five critical “A” questions of prospective agencies.

Do You Offer Asset Management?

When you hire a digital marketing agency to assist with brand management, you want the assurance that it will help your company manage your brand assets. Everything from creating brand asset libraries and itemizing inventories to the development of campaign-specific brand assets should be available to your business. Ask about the digitization of your company’s current nondigital brand assets, and inquire as to whether there are extra fees for helping you better manage your business’s brand assets.

 Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Offer Auditing Services?

Another question you should ask prospective digital marketing agencies is whether they offer auditing services. Can they provide an audit trail to help you understand current and future outreach campaigns? If you want to increase your digital marketing return on investment (ROI), it is imperative that the agency you work with audit your existing outreach efforts and devise a strategy to increase customer engagement opportunities in the future.

Are Automated Scheduling Services Available via Your Agency?

You might think automated scheduling services aren’t required when you work with a digital marketing agency, but this is definitely not the case. A professional digital marketing agency should offer automated scheduling services for outreach opportunities like social media marketing and blog post distribution. Ask the agency which business automation services are available and whether those services are agency managed or your in-house team will be required to manage them.

Can My Team Receive Automatic Notifications?

Just because you are engaging the services of a digital marketing agency for brand management doesn’t mean you want your team to be kept in the dark regarding ongoing customer acquisition efforts. When you are interviewing digital marketing agencies for your business, ask whether your team will receive automatic notifications. From consumer engagements on social media to brand mentions on forums or in blog comments, you want to ensure automatic notifications keep your team up to date.

Are There Approval Process Controls in Place with Your Agency?

A final crucial question you should ask when hiring a digital marketing agency is whether there are approval process controls in place. You want to have the final say on all actions taken on behalf of your company so there are no surprises along the way.

These are the five critical “A” questions business builders should ask when hiring a digital marketing agency for brand management. The more effort you put into asking prospective marketing agencies the right questions, the more likely it is you’ll feel confident in your final choice.