4 Ways to Use Storytelling to Increase Conversions

If you’re able to weave a story into your sales copy, you’ll see sales skyrocket.

Source: golubovy / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Ever since the dawn of time, human beings have been storytellers. Whether it was cave drawings etched into walls or myths passed down vocally from generation to generation, people resonate with stories and have a desire to listen to them. Anthony De Mello said that “the shortest distance between a human brain and the truth is a story.” When utilized correctly, marketers can use this powerful urge to sell more of their products or services.

There are a few things to keep in mind when telling stories within your sales copy. Here are four tips to tell better stories, sell more products and services, and see higher conversions.

  1. Make your audience the hero. When telling your story, keep in mind that the customer should be the focus point. Even if the story is about you, you want customers to see themselves in you and your journey. If it’s about a previous customer who used your product or service, make it as relatable as possible so that others can see how they can get the benefits and life change you’re describing.
  2. Have a beginning, middle, and end. This is Storytelling 101. Your story should have a “before” (pain point), a “middle” (where someone was able to use your product or service), and an “after” (what changed for him or her). Having a clear format will allow a reader or listener to easily follow along and help him or her see the concrete change your products and services can bring about.
  3. Think show, not tell. Instead of saying that someone’s business was falling apart but he or she joined your coaching program and turned it all around, how can you show he or she turned it all around? Use specific numbers like how much the client’s revenue increased, how many new customers he or she got, or what his or her profit margins changed to.
  4. Bring in emotion. Make sure to describe how the hero of the story felt after he or she encountered your product or service. Don’t forget that this could be you! If you run a workout studio and are trying to get more people to sign up for Pilates classes, describing how you fell in love with Pilates as a workout and finally felt like you had the energy you were looking for can move mountains. It’s a balance between using numbers and using emotions—you want to give concrete evidence while at the same time evoking that “storybook ending” feel.