4 Ways to Incorporate Storytelling into Your Marketing Strategy

There’s a major emphasis on storytelling in marketing today. Here’s how to implement more of it to connect with audiences.

Source: doble-d / iStock / Getty

Storytelling can help bring your brand to life and be instrumental in building connections with new audiences and customers. However, many brands struggle to find strong storytelling opportunities or recognize the best organic places to weave these pieces into their marketing. If you’re eager to put stories to work for your brand, here are four ways to amp up your skills.

Tell Your Success Stories

Few areas are as natural a fit for storytelling as your company’s successes. Whether you’re sharing a testimonial or an anonymous case study, the story should clearly focus on how you made an impact. What’s more compelling? A list of data or an arresting story of a person who faced a challenge, sought help, and experienced a turnaround because of his or her partnership with your brand? Don’t overlook data, but put those results into context through story.

Build Stories into Product Landing Pages

Product landing pages often focus on pricing and product details—which are important. But finding a way to weave a story into your product and service pages can not only improve marketing but also drive conversions. Consider exploring how a product might be used or the impact it would make on customers. By taking a story-focused approach to your product pages, you will differentiate your offerings from the competition and help prospective customers visualize results from using your products and services.

Incorporate Storytelling into Your Mission and Vision

Storytelling can also help bring your mission and vision to life—for both employees and customers. Your company’s mission and vision convey what values and priorities you hold closest. By using storytelling techniques to illustrate these critical areas—not only of your company’s foundation but also of your larger marketing plan—you stand more of a chance at making an authentic emotional connection with your audiences.

Train Your Whole Marketing Team on Storytelling

When your entire marketing team is trained on storytelling, you bring that focus to all you do. For example, social media engagement can be built around stories, as can the way you approach UX and design. Without a clear focus, it can be harder to bring those insights to the far reaches of your marketing department. Invest in training your marketing team on storytelling best practices, and develop a strategy to incorporate those techniques into your marketing mix.

Storytelling offers a new way to bring life and focus to your marketing. It can be difficult to stand out in today’s landscape, but finding ways to communicate your impact, make your customers and employees identifiable figures, and leverage those facets to reach audiences can have transformative results in your long-term growth.