4 Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are an essential part of your digital sales and marketing. Here’s how to improve them systematically.

Source: TCmake_photo / iStock / Getty

Landing pages are the heart and soul of websites. They are also the best way to speak directly to customers who are searching for specific information or taking a deep dive into one product. Over time, organizations can create dozens—or even hundreds—of landing pages. When you implement monitoring and measuring processes, you will quickly find certain landing pages are incredibly effective at converting browsers into buyers, while others simply take up digital space. If you are ready to undertake an effort to improve your landing pages, here are four easy things to look at that can take your landing page performance the next level.

Establish a clear focus: The most effective landing pages have a clear and distinct focus. It may be to promote a specific product or to lead prospective buyers to download individual gated content. The copy and visuals on your landing page should relate to that one clear focus. A common mistake many companies make is trying to accomplish too much in a single landing page. If you find that your landing pages have two or more goals, simplify and streamline the content.

Write a great introduction: The first hundred or so words of your landing page are the most important. An effective introduction speaks directly to the audience you have in mind, and outlines what they can expect throughout the rest of the page. For example, if someone has followed an advertisement to your landing page, make sure you include the same promised benefits and familiar keywords in the introduction. Hook them and keep them reading to close the sale.

Update your visuals: Taking the right visual spin on your landing page can help capture buyer interest and make it easier to drive conversions. Look for ways that photography, color, and infographics can be used to support the messaging on your landing pages. It’s important to keep in mind that, with visual storytelling, the images or visual concepts you choose should support—not take attention away from—your overarching message.

Implement a strong call to action: Ultimately, your landing pages will be most effective when they have a single, strong call to action. Refer back to your original goal. Let’s say your goal is to distribute a white paper to help attract to B2B buyers to a new product. If your landing page has a clear objective to drive downloads, look for ways to integrate multiple opportunities to convert throughout the landing page. Another strategy is to have a single call to action at the end of your landing page. Whichever approach you choose, make sure that your key conversion point is the main area of focus.

Landing pages can be a critical part of your digital marketing and sales strategy. Take the time to periodically evaluate your landing pages to make sure they are driving conversions. Improving your focus, calls to action, visuals, and copywriting can all strategically drive higher sales and be well worth the investment of time.