4 Ways to Convert More Inquiries

Getting a “yes” from potential clients doesn’t have to be that difficult.

If you have an inquiry form on your website, chances are you get excited when one gets sent in. It’s great to know that someone is considering hiring you or your company. But it can be incredibly frustrating to feel as if your initial inquiries don’t translate into sales as often as you’d like. Increasing your conversions is a goal of almost any business owner, and while it doesn’t seem like a contact form has much to do with marketing, it can actually make a huge difference.

Here are four ways to convert more inquiries by making subtle tweaks in your communication.

  1. Keep your inquiry form simple. Don’t give potential clients too many options or make the process seem too overwhelming. You probably only need a few basic pieces of information from them to know if you should take the relationship to the next level. Keep things as simple as possible.
  2. Have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on your website. Are people consistently asking the same questions? Provide an FAQ section on your site to weed out inquiries that aren’t going to be a good fit. If someone’s wondering if you can travel internationally, which you never do, having information like that on your website will lower your overall amount of inquiries but actually raise your conversion rates so that you can prioritize your time most effectively. Going after leads that aren’t going to close is a waste of your time.
  3. Respond quickly. You don’t need to live life buried in your in-box, but make sure whoever’s responding to your customer inquiries does so in a timely manner—preferably, 48 hours or less. Otherwise, that potential client is probably going to start looking elsewhere. You want to make sure clients understand right away that you’re what they’re looking for, not give them tons of time to cast a wide net.
  4. Send testimonials automatically. Consider creating a PDF of your best testimonials to automatically send after an inquiry is sent in. Third-party recommendations can go a long way, and you’ll already give the potential client that FOMO (“fear of missing out”) about working with you. When he or she sees how much other people have loved your product or service, the client will want to make sure to get in on the action. If your inquiry form has different options, try to tailor a few different testimonial sheets so that they’re the most relevant to the inquirer.