4 Ways to Choose an Influencer Marketing Platform

As brands begin to scale their influencer marketing programs, it’s usually important to look for a platform or agency to help with the process. Influencer marketing programs,  such as working with Instagram content creators or creating sponsored blog posts with writers, take a lot of work. Having access to the right technology can streamline execution, expand your base of prospective partners, and maximize the return on investment (ROI) on your next campaign.

Source: Warchi / iStock / Getty

What are the discovery capabilities? Ideally, look for an influence marketing platform that allows you to expand your network of potential influencer talent. A strong partner will have cultivated a network of influencers you can search through and expand your programs. Look for a platform that brings star power when you want maximum reach as well as a variety of mid-tier influencers with smaller but more targeted audiences. With good discovery features and a strong influencer network, platforms can bring significant value to your marketing efforts.

Does the platform streamline campaign administration? Select a platform that makes it easier to streamline campaign administration. Some sample features include looking at communications capabilities, centralizing campaign documents such as brand standards, and even facilitating the review and approval process for creative content. When your campaign team and influencers can log into a central platform for all their needs, it’s less likely that you’ll face unnecessary delays or overlook a critical detail.

Can it help with payment? Consider looking for an influencer platform that makes it easier to pay your talent. A campaign may be a single fee for work completed, or payment may be based on clicks. Depending on your payment structure, look for a system that can track performance and convert that into payments where necessary. Certain platforms also have systems that allow you to process payments, making it simpler to track balances and ensure a timely response to invoices or contract terms.

How can you leverage digital analytics? An influencer marketing platform is especially valuable if it has digital marketing analytics that help you understand how your campaign has performed. Which content creators caused the biggest stir? Did factors such as visibility or brand mentions increase? Most importantly, did the campaign drive conversions, such as sales or newsletter sign-ups? Digital analytics that are integrated into your influencer marketing platform help each campaign go full circle and make it easier to assess impact.

An influencer marketing platform can help brands more effectively manage their own influencer campaigns. From working with a wider selection of influencers to streamlining the execution of programs, there are a number of benefits the right technology can bring. Choose the platform that’s right for you by assessing your pain points and identifying a partner that can help extend your capabilities in your most critical areas.