4 Social Media Marketing Investments You Can’t Afford to Miss

Today’s social media marketing landscape is becoming increasingly sophisticated. As a result, playbooks that once generated leads and raised brand visibility no longer generate the same return on investment.

Brands are increasingly looking for smart ways connect with customers, entice prospects, and build a sense of community across diverse social media channels. Today’s marketing leaders are realizing that they must strategically invest in new areas to generate a sustainable social media marketing return on investment (ROI). Here are four investments that can help you get ahead this year:

Hire a social media manager. One area where many brands have evolved the way they approach social media marketing is with a staffing model. Social media management is no longer a role that’s delegated to an assistant or bundled up with a host of other responsibilities. Instead, companies are seeing true ROIs  when they hire knowledgeable staff who understands the ins and outs of social media management. These individuals can help you navigate the nuances of specific platforms, create content in different formats, and maximize distribution and visibility. If you don’t have a dedicated social media manager, 2018 is the time to consider investing in this hire.

Automated social posting. Your social media marketing must be consistent to generate results. Yet, many businesses can’t afford the luxury of a dedicated employee who hovers over social media accounts, interacting with customers and posting fresh content throughout the day. With automated publishing platforms such as Buffer and Hootesuite, you can write and schedule posts in advance. Thanks to these tools, brands can have a consistent presence on a variety of platforms and simply check in on a regular basis to monitor conversations, review other people’s content, and react in real time to the discussions taking place.

Social media listening platform. It’s not enough to simply be active in posting your content to social media. It is also critical that you actively monitor and respond to the conversations taking place there. However, doing this manually takes a significant amount of time, and brands sometimes miss important conversations. Increasingly, companies are choosing to invest in social media listening platforms that enable them to watch for mentions of their brand and product, follow specific topics and hashtags, and be automatically notified when critical accounts—such as brand partners, social influencers, or even the company’s CEO—post fresh content. Listening platforms simplify the process of staying connected, and enable you to take immediate action when a potential issue is on the horizon.

Visual content creation. If one trend has dominated social media in the last 2 years, it’s the popularity of visual content platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Brands can no longer rely solely on text-based platforms. It is important to have a visual presence, whether it’s through photography, product photographs, video, or even simply sharing memes and gifs. Increasingly, companies are turning to talent who can help them create visual assets that bring their brand to life on social media platforms. If you haven’t embraced visual social media marketing, now is the time dive in.

Social media marketing remains a critical channel for brands that are interested in reaching their customers and prospects in the market. And with the social media marketing landscape becoming more sophisticated, it is time to evaluate whether you need to invest in new assets, talents, or strategies to help you keep pace with this