4 Pieces of Technology Your Call Center Needs

Tech should make the job of your call center agents much, much easier.

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If your call center is inundated with long wait times, frazzled customer service agents, and disorganized files, it’s time to implement a technology system that will help your call center thrive. Here are four pieces of technology your call center should consider implementing to make things run smoother and help your agents serve customers well.

An Effective CRM

First things first: You need to have customer information accessible to all call center agents. That means a customer relationship manager (CRM) that’s both organized and intuitive will be incredibly valuable. Agents should be able to pull up information about whomever they’re speaking with to know what the customer has purchased and if he or she had any issues in the past. Then, they can quickly take notes on the current conversation. If an agent has to dig around for customer information, he or she is wasting valuable time. A CRM that works well is one of the most important pieces of technology a company can have.

Callback Software

Nobody likes being put on hold. By purchasing callback software, you’ll be able to call customers back at a time that’s convenient for them, which is important because 12% of customers on hold will hang up before they’re able to talk to a person, leaving them feeling frustrated and unlikely to return to your company. Moreover, with callback software, agents can take their time in solving complex customer issues instead of feeling like they need to rush through.


It’s not technically a call center technology, but it’s certainly helpful. One of the best ways to shorten wait time for customers is to lower the number of customers calling in. By installing a chatbot on your website, customers can quickly receive help for basic questions, eliminating many unnecessary calls for your overwhelmed agents.

Consolidated Knowledge Base

If agents are receiving the same question over and over again, it’s helpful to have a consistent response. A consolidated online knowledge base will help agents find answers to questions and stay consistent with their colleagues. The knowledge center should have a search function and easy topic headers so that agents can find what they’re looking for quickly. By putting all of the necessary info on your products and services in one place, more customers will be served in an efficient manner, and agents will feel empowered to solve a myriad of problems instead of having to pass customers around.